Faridpur Region


Address: Goal Chamot, Faridpur. Cell: 01711 484336, 01726 696807

Address: Tinpotti, Bhanga Bazar, Faridpur. Cell: 01716 509198


Address: 65, Bangobandhu Sarak, Ali Hyder Super Market, Gopalgonj. Cell: 01710 028199, 01903 008877


Address: Saleha Monjil, Shahid Bacchu Road, Amirabad
Madaripur Sador, Madaripur. Cell: 01726 392754, 01840 248754


Address: Madbor Manssion, Model Town, Palong, Shariatpur.
Cell: 01716 544914, 01625 836289

About Us

14 years of business, millions of project implemented.

The company named, Great Wall Ceramic Industries Ltd. is one of the largest Tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company was established in 2006 and started the commercial production in the same year.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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