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Message from Deputy Managing Director

Welcome to our website & it’s a pleasure to have you visit us. This web site is designed to provide a comprehensive & in depth review of our company. In Great Wall Products besides meeting our needs and those of the society, we try to reflect our inner struggle for excellence through work and effort and responding to our social responsibilities.
That is why we attempt to accurately understand the market and overcome the limitations of design and technology to create the closest vicinity between our products and customers demands through application of the latest and best equipment and machineries from Spain, Italy & China and the best raw materials be ready for meeting our loyal client’s needs at any moment by variety and quality of Great wall Products.
Excellence and leadership in tiles market of Bangladesh, the stakeholders who vitalize the lifeless earthy clay by donating growing divine spirit and calling them tiles, is our aspiration and competition with the world’s best producers of tiles and ceramic is our honor.

Deputy Managing Director, Great Wall Ceramic

Million of happy customers and counting around the country.Great Wall achieves lot of happy & satisfied clients in previous business years with quality product & service. Every client is a great asset for us & we are trying to give our best service to them.