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Great Wall ceramic is a name which has grown to be tantamount to quality and design and a transpiring vision that brings world class tiles in Bangladesh. The company prides in its acquisition and implementation of next generation technology that complements skills sets to emerge as a highly professional setup. Since 2006 the establishment of Great wall ceramic Ind. we have successfully taken the most important steps toward the goals and development plans that we had set for ourselves at the very beginning, and have attained all the goals and programs, we can also say with pride that, our clients' exemplary attention and support, now we are the Local Largest tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh. We owe all our success to our customer-oriented policies and our seeking client satisfaction. We hope that, despite all the problems against production work; our clients support will continue to help us to remove the obstacles in the way. Great Wall ceramic wants to gain more and more client satisfaction by attaining its long-term goals through its well-designed programs. Finally, thanks one and all associated with Great Wall ceramic in being a guiding force and a key enabler of transpiring our great vision into reality. I hope our clients will get a sense of our products, reliability & innovative nature as browse through this website.

Message From Deputy Managing Director

Welcome to our website and it’s a pleasure to have you visit us. This web site is designed to provide a comprehensive & in depth review of our company. In Great Wall Products besides meeting our needs and those of the society, we try to reflect our inner struggle for excellence through work and effort and responding to our social responsibilities. That is why we attempt to accurately understand the market and overcome the limitations of design and technology to create the closest vicinity between our products and customers demands through application of the latest and best equipment and machineries from Spain, Italy & China and the best raw materials be ready for meeting our loyal client’s needs at any moment by variety and quality of Great wall Products. Excellence and leadership in tiles market of Bangladesh, the stakeholders who vitalize the lifeless earthy clay by donating growing divine spirit and calling them tiles, is our aspiration and competition with the world’s best producers of tiles and ceramic is our honor.

Company Profile

Strong brand recognition in core markets.

Great wall is the Largest Tiles Manufacture in Bangladesh. We have been manufacturing tiles for 16 years and recognized as a competitively priced Producer of world class quality of tiles in Bangladesh. Now, Great Wall Ceramic is marked as Tiles Expert in the industry.

Unleashing CHARU Ceramic, the premium brand of Great Wall.

Our strategy is to leverage its large production base in Bangladesh & to build a significant presence across the south Asia by providing innovative, modern designed and world class quality of tiles at competitive price.

Great Wall Ceramic enriched with vogue design and advanced technological process derived from the birthplace of ceramic tiles makers: Italy and Spain. Over the years we have developed our expertise and design skill at such a cutting edge rate. We believe ourselves to offer more to the Bangladesh market than any other world class tiles manufacturer. This is because we take great care in understanding our customers and seeking out their hidden desires. This also separates us from others in the industry. We believe in our work as an art-form and consider each tile we produce, to be a unique masterpiece.

Great Wall has long been known for its product quality, innovative design and customer service. Great Wall is here with a storm of passion to bring a revolution in designing and durability. A vibrant and versatile collection of different wall and floor tiles contain Ceramic, Rustic, Stone, Glazed Polish, Vitrified and Homogenous categories in 14 sizes.

Great wall has been continuing to develop its presence and foot print in regional market and in near future, has a vision of exporting tiles in South Asian market. Company will also continue the exploration of any opportunities to make value-enhancing acquisition.

About Us

16 years of business, thousands of project implemented.

Great Wall Ceramic Industries Ltd. is one of the largest tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company was established in 2006 and started the commercial production in the same year.


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